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Several printing methods for 120gsm non woven cooler bags
Jul 23, 2018

120gsm non woven cooler bags, is a common shopping bag in China that promotes plastic limit, promotes environmental protection and reduces the use of plastic bags. However, the promotion of the use of non-woven bags has undoubtedly increased the operating costs of the business. Most merchants will print advertisements on 120gsm non woven cooler bags, and use advertising fees to offset the cost of use. Now let's briefly introduce some mainstream 120gsm non woven cooler bags.

1. Water printing is named after the use of water-based elastic glue as a printing medium. It is more common in textile printing, and it is also printed. The color paste and the water-based elastomer are blended during printing. When washing the plate, do not use chemical solvents, and can be washed with water. 120gsm non woven cooler bags are characterized by good tinting strength, strong hiding power and fastness, water wash resistance, and basically no odor.

2, screen printing is also often referred to as "silk screen", which is the most common 120gsm non woven cooler bags printing method, many manufacturers use this printing method. Generally, it is artificial printing. The advantage is that the price is relatively cheap; the disadvantage of 120gsm non woven cooler bags is that the color is not well controlled and the printed patterns are uneven.

3, thermal transfer in printing and special printing! This method requires intermediate media, that is, first print the graphic onto the thermal transfer film or thermal transfer paper, and then transfer the pattern to the non-woven by heating the transfer device On the cloth. A commonly used medium in the printing of 120 gsm non woven cooler bags is a thermal transfer film. The printing advantages of 120gsm non woven cooler bags are: beautifully printed, rich in patterns, and comparable photos. Suitable for small area color image printing. The disadvantages are high prices and high printing costs.

4, gravure printing This method is usually called laminating 120gsm non woven cooler bags. The process is divided into two steps, that is, the conventional gravure printing is used to print the image on the film, and then the patterned film is laminated on the non-woven fabric by a lamination process.

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