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Choose The Right Non-woven Cooler Bag
Jul 23, 2018

First of all, according to the specific circumstances to determine the size of the non-woven cooler bag to be purchased, if you are going to take the car, then the non-woven cooler bag must not be more than 21 inches, otherwise it can not If you bring it with you, you must go through the check-in procedure.

Second, according to the size specified by the non-woven cooler bag:

1、Is to check whether the surface of the non-woven cooler bag is smooth and free from scratches;

2、Isto check whether the edges of the non-woven cooler bag are smooth and not rough, and check whether the non-woven cooler bag is firm;

3、Isto take a few steps to pull the non-woven cooler bag, to see if the bottom wheel is flexible, the steering ability is not strong, the quality of the non-woven cooler bag is very important, you should choose multiple rows of wheels and rubber wheels;

4、Is to push the button, pull out the non-woven cooler bag, see if it is freely retractable, and the function is intact;

5、Put the non-woven cooler bag flat and put a heavy object inside the non-woven cooler bag, so you can stand on the non-woven cooler bag and try it out. If the non-woven cooler bag is of good quality, then there is absolutely no problem. of;

6、Is the most important thing is to check the performance of the non-woven cooler bag, if you lock the password, you can try to adjust a password, but it is important to note that when you officially adjust the password, you must choose to make it easy to remember and not forget. 3 digits. Otherwise, you can't open the non-woven cooler bag, you can only be anxious.