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Medical Cooler Bag Advantage
Jul 23, 2018

Medical cooler bag As the name suggests, the medical cooler bag has a built-in lever. The user can pull the lever out of the longitudinal direction with a single push of the button, pulling it away like a luggage cart. Lightweight and labor-saving is the advantage of the medical cooler bag. So, what are its advantages?

First, the quality is light, the proportion of polypropylene is only 0.9, only three-fifths of cotton, thin and light, medical cooler bag has excellent fluffiness and feel good.

Second, soft. The medical cooler bag consists of fine fibers (2-3D), which is shaped by hot melt bonding. The finished product has moderate softness and comfort.

Third, the water is breathable. The polypropylene slice does not absorb water, the water content is zero, the product has good water extraction, the medical cooler bag has 100% fiber composition, the medical cooler bag has porosity, the product has good gas permeability, and the cloth surface is easy to keep dry.

Fourth, non-toxic, non-irritating. The medical cooler bag is made of FDA food grade raw materials, formed by thermal bonding, and the product does not contain its chemical cooler bag chemical composition, chemical stability, non-toxic, no odor, and does not irritate human skin.

Five, anti-chemical agents. The material of the medical cooler bag is polypropylene, which is a chemically blunt substance with good resistance to chemical attack and the product is not affected by erosion.

Sixth, antibacterial. The products of medical cooler bag are water-free, not moldy, and can isolate the bacteria and insects in the liquid, and are not mildewed.

Seven, good physical properties. The material of the medical cooler bag is directly bonded to the mesh by polypropylene spinning, and the medical cooler bag is stronger than the general staple fiber.