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Round Zipper Cooler Bag Production Process
Jul 23, 2018

The most important part of the production process of the round Zipper cooler bag is the production of the mold. If there is no well-designed mold, it means that the round Zipper cooler bag manufacturer will not produce a good round Zipper cooler bag product or cannot produce it. Round Zipper cooler bag products; then how a manufacturer's products, the first thing to look at is the production level of the production of round Zipper cooler bag manufacturers. When the round Zipper cooler bag manufacturer has made the mold, then the next step is die-casting. The die-casting machine is a machine that will be used with great experience. It is not something that ordinary people can operate. Why do you say that? Die casting machines generally have different tonnages, and often the tonnage of round Zipper cooler bag hardware will be about 25 tons. This type of die casting machine can only be operated by experienced masters, because experienced pressure masters will control the pressure. If the strength of the die casting machine is light, the product will be uneven and smooth. If the strength is high, the burrs of the round Zipper cooler bag will be found, and the cost of electricity for the enterprise will increase. Therefore, it is very difficult to ask a good die-casting machine master, which not only can reduce the cost of the enterprise, but also can make the product as few as possible.

The fourth step on the foot sheet, using the round Zipper cooler bag products, very careful friends will find that the round Zipper cooler bag products will have feet, this is to fix the round Zipper cooler bag to make it more durable or shape more for consumption Those who like it, the two machines that will be used here are the punching machine and the tapping machine, and the punching bed belongs to the die-casting equipment. Now the production process is improved and it is gradually replaced by the drilling machine. The last step is electroplating, electroplating is also more about the experience of electroplating masters, electroplating time is too long and decisive will have a serious impact on the round Zipper cooler bag hardware, affecting the aesthetics, etc., so the electroplating master needs to operate in the electroplating cylinder The process takes time, and finally the round Zipper cooler bag hardware is packaged and sent to the customer.