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Small 210D Cooler Bag Features
Jul 23, 2018

The small 210D cooler bag is an ultra-light building board made of color-coated steel sheet as the surface material, foam/rock wool/glass wool as the core material and hot-pressed composite. The small 210D cooler bag features light weight, thermal insulation and so on.

Small 210D cooler bag is a new type of enclosure material that combines load-bearing, heat preservation, structural waterproofing and decoration. The small 210D cooler bag is quick to install, easy to relocate, and can be used repeatedly for several times. Each demolition loss is 6%-15%. It has a wind resistance rating of 9 and an earthquake resistance of 8 and has a service life of 8-15 years and a maximum of 30 years. The small 210D cooler bag has excellent performance for repeated use such as multiple disassembly and assembly. The small 210D cooler bag can be arbitrarily added or subtracted in the longitudinal direction. The housing area can be expanded and lowered at will, the doors, windows and front and rear walls in the house. The location can be interchanged freely.